About the Society

Cheryl Matthynssens is a student of noted Dragonologist, Dr. Earnest Drake. Dr. Drake’s studies of earth’s dragons are considered the definitive work in their field. However, Ms. Matthynssens noted several discrepancies in Dr. Drake’s work based on her additional reading and contact with fellow authors of dragon books and studies.

Ms. Matthynssens acquired in-depth first-hand information from her personal contact with Keensight, a dragon of note, accessible to her for study. Though Keensight’s character seemed to fit Dr. Drake’s research, she was anxious to meet other dragons with the characteristics her own research seemed to indicate existed. She wanted to personally speak with them.

In her search, Ms. Matthynssens kept overhearing rumors of a Western Green Dragon named Farloft. In her relentless pursuit of the truth she finally tracked down Theresa Snyder, a longtime friend of Farloft’s.

Farloft, a powerful, ancient dragon of over one thousand years old, had tracked Theresa’s soul through time and space to come to her, from the kingdom where he originally met her, to our present space and time. Ms. Matthynssens was delighted to hear of this ability which Farloft told her was natural to him. And with this knowledge she realized she was correct. She had only touched the ‘tip of the wing,’ as the dragon’s say, in the study of Dragonology.

Through a mutual love of dragons and a desire to mine the truth out of all the tales told by humans and dragons alike a friendship between Ms. Matthynssens and Ms. Snyder sprang to life.

The Society of Enlightened Dragonologists is founded on the grounds that in-depth studies must be made into areas which Dr. Drake failed to investigate do to his lack of direct contact with test subjects that were not earth-bound.

With Keensight and Farloft at their sides, Ms. Matthynssens and Ms. Snyder hope to put to right the misconception that all dragons are senseless killing machines, burning villages and stealing helpless maidens for their own twisted pleasure.

One the contrary, Ms. Matthynssens and Ms. Snyder intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, with the assistance of other dedicated Dragonologists, that dragons are deep thinking creatures, with a love for their offspring, their friends and their land. The ladies’ desire to document for prosperity little known and heretofore unrecorded information will result in uncovering and revealing little known facts about dragons. They hope, with the help of Keensight, Farloft and others of their kind, to establish a set of guidelines which will not only clarify, but enable others to deal fairly, interact and write about the dragons which are still among us.