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Through Dragon Eyes Novel Available Now

Originally posted on Catherine Milos’ blog © Catherine Milos 2017

It is ready now. That’s right, you’ve been following me on this journey since November 2016 or before and waiting eagerly for the dragon novel I kept talking about. You pined, you begged, you cried and still the wait dragged on. Wait no more! You can now purchase the paperback through Amazon sites, most online eBook retailers, and select book stores.

Through Dragon Eyes is a young adult novel told through the perspective of the Wise One Earthana and her scaler Zoe. As Zoe discovers who she is and where she comes from, Earthana must learn to become the next Wise One of Dragon Mountain. Earthana must face something no dragon has experienced before, war. A mystical artifact holds the possibility of salvation from the growing force of King Warrick’s army, but the elves watching over it have lost it. Zoe’s friends – Soran the elf, her human brother Caden, Lily the blacksmith’s finisher, and a merman named Nymen – help her search for the missing Gauntlet of the Realms.

This novel was written as part of my first National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo (2016) experience. It was a difficult journey, although not as long as it seemed to take in retrospect, to grow from that first draft into the book which you will hold in your hands. I almost gave up after that NaNoWriMo draft. This book almost did not happen. Thanks to the careful scrutiny and advice of my editor Liz, an amazing wizard with words, the book actually happened.

The talented Jestin Troughton did a commission for the cover. I suggest you visit his website and grab one of his beautiful prints. Here’s his piece:

The cover designer I was using recommended a different route, and that’s the cover you see in my shop and other stores. It’s unfortunate Jestin’s art didn’t get used, but don’t fear, there will be promotional items like bookmarks included with giveaways on, available to patrons, and available at events.

What’s next for books and writing projects?

A return to the Angels and Avalon universe to complete a few more books. Newsletter subscribers got a little secret about the next two books I’m working on in that universe. Want to sign up for my newsletter? Contact me and let me know. Just make sure to provide your email address and let me know you’d like to receive the newsletter I send out one to four times a year.

I’d also like to strengthen some of my online presence and content. That means more blog posts, interviews (characters on and authors on, and random ramblings. Who knows, maybe I will even inteview a character or two from Through Dragon Eyes!

Well, there’s lots of work to do. I’ll let you get to reading that dragon book now.


A Letter from an Outside Researcher

Hello, I would like to inform you of a very important aspect of young dragon’s development that I have noticed you might not have seen, or just never mentioned. As dragon’s young brain develops it is common for them to posses a specific character trait that dominates the personality. This trait can be affected by genes and social pressure, most commonly being bravery, greed, or deep fascination about one particular object or phenomenon, with latter found in high dragons more often than in low dragons, but rarely it can take other, less obvious forms. As time goes on this trait starts to fade, manifesting itself less often, dimmed out by logical thinking and other feelings accumulating and interacting with each other inside. Upon reaching adulthood it usually disappears completely. Sometimes in low dragons and wyverns however it can still manifest itself later in life.

A Dragonologist’s Journal

Dragonologist: June 14, 2014 (First publication of this dragonologist’s search for a live dragon and the revealing of the red dragon, Keensight.)

I did not see a dragon at all today even though I am in an area where there was a reported sighting. I did find some burn marks that might indicate this is a hunting area of a dragon with a breath of flame. However, I am unable to verify at this time. This area is rife with mosquitoes and other irritating pests. While this would not deter a dragon, I am finding myself quite uncomfortable and smelling of a great deal of bug spray. Fortunately I thought to pack my mosquito net and will be able to sleep without such irritations.

Dragonologist: June 16, 2014

I have entered more dangerous terrain. There is more evidence of flaming here even among the rocks. I think I am getting close and will proceed with caution. A soot test revealed that some of the marks were as recent as within the month.

Dragonologist: June 17, 2014

I have left trails and in some instances have had to use climbing gear to proceed. I do not expect a dragon cave to be easily accessible by hikers and have come prepared for such challenges. I only have a week of rations and water was not available today to refill water supplies. If I don’t find water tomorrow, I may be forced to turn back.

Dragonologist: June 18, 2014

It is raining today. While I have put my bottles out to slowly refill, I am forced to stay within the confines of my tent. I am on a ledge and the wind has kept this small tent snapping. It is very cold. I would not recommend this route in any inclement weather situation, especially in winter.
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Necessary Items for a Dragonologist’s Laboratory

As dragonologists go, Dr. Earnest Drake is the primary authority. In fact, The Society of Enlightened Dragonologists was to build on Dr. Drake’s work and carry on his research. Today, we are going to cover the necessary items for a dragonologist’s laboratory.

Please note as we begin this exploration of required equipment, that we are speaking of already deceased dragons. There are so few dragons left in the world today that it is important that they are not killed for harvesting of parts. Animals should never be harvested for supposed cures and trophies. Most of these alleged cures are nothing more than hype and falsehoods.


Hand drawn science beautiful vintage lab icons sketch set

As far as the laboratory itself, the normal equipment is indicated and only one special tool is needed. The most useful will be the pestle and mortar, as making potions and elixirs from dragon components and herbs is useful in experimentation. A good Microscope is also needed. A diamond drill is the one thing I would recommend as a special tool. Dragons differing anatomy and parts are very hard and difficult to pierce.

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First Falling – A Live Write Challenge

The sun was falling slowly in the sky as Aniata smiled over at Luck.  He playfully dug at a rabbit hole. It was rather amusing to watch the dog dig three or four times then bury his nose back into the hole to see if he was any closer to whatever it was driving him to dig. She looked down at her notes with a sigh. The Matron had insisted that she copy the precepts ten times to give to new acolytes. She was fairly certain that Morana’s true purpose was to drive them forever into her brain. The woman was a hard task master.


Falling in Love with Nature

An Adept and her companions!

Aniata dipped her black feather quill into the ink and wrote out the last precept.

“The truest weapon of Dethara is Faith: Dethara does not always explain her directions and choices. One must have faith that any request made of by the High Priests are for the greater good of Dethara’s plans.”

Faith…one could not help but have faith in death, for death was inevitable to all mortal creatures. But lately, some of the High Priestess’ commands had seemed more like power seeking then truly serving the portal of death. She was strictly an adept so it was not her place to question. Only a priest or priestess could ask for more explanation.

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2017 Update for Farloft the Dragon and Theresa Snyder!

Welcome Everyone to 2017,

I hope you have all had a chance to check out my Serial Story Blog . I post to this every Saturday with a new chapter on the story I am currently ‘free writing.’ Right now it is Scifi, but there are several dragon stories archived there; A Christmas Celebration with Farloft, A Tale of Pirates and Sea Dragons, A Pack Rat Mage, Storm Warning, and An Encounter, just to name a few. Lots of fun ‘free-reads.’  You can find them throughout his blog.

Farloft has been busy too. He was very hurt to find that Elliot, Pete’s Dragon, was in town and didn’t even call him to do stand-in work on the film… I mean, Farloft is the original Pacific NW dragon. So, Farloft had me create a Facebook page to promote him to anyone interested in making him a STAR in 2017! Hop on over, like, and keep up-to-date on Farloft’s movie aspirations.

#1 Amazon Bestseller!

Farloft and I were also very pleased to announce in October that his Farloft’s Storybook became a #1 Amazon Bestseller! If you have a little hatchling in your family age 2-1/2 to 6 years old, this is the dragon book for them. It contains nine short stories along with wonderful coloring pages by Bluekite-Falls of Deviant Art.

And for the older readers in your family Farloft’s Chronicles have been formatted into two convenient adult formatted collections. So, whether you have preschool, middle, young adult or adult readers, Farloft has a book for everyone moving into 2017.

I guess the most recent event in Farloft’s, and my, dragon world is the release of his 3rd Annual 2017 Farloft’s Friends Selfie. Check it out. Fanart by Kitsooki of Deviant Art. These are all of Farloft’s friends celebrating Appreciate a Dragon Day, January 16th. Mark you calendar for this celebration next year.

2017 Dragon Selfie

2017 Dragon Revelry

2017 Dragon Selfie


Live Write – Just Once

The leg in question!

The leg in question that nearly led to a bloodstone!

James Child

1. A titan of a man with good intentions, but a sour attitude.
2. In a market place
3. Watching someone bolt from a stand with a valuable thing.
4. While he’s eating a big turkey leg.

The melody of the market goers combined with the amazing scents rising from various stands brought a smile to Gorun’s face. He loved coming into town even though he only came a couple times a month to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables according to seasons, butchered meats and baked good his wife, Alana would bake up the day before he planned the trek.

It was a good distance from the farm, but his large gait made quick time of it. It was nice to exchange the melody of a farm for the one of a market. Even though he had to look down upon most people’s hats, he still loved to see the happy faces. Of course, not everyone in a market is happy, but Gorun preferred to ignore the small pettiness of man. He liked to focus on the good in people. People would often amaze a man if they had a thresh-hold to to rise and meet.

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