Dragon Facts

The facts about dragons are hard to list.  I will try to group them as best I can.  However, please note that depending on the world of origin any of these could apply.  As research is completed this list of known facts will be increased.

  • The origin of the dragon is unknown. There are theories that they took a right turn in the evolution of the dinosaur. There is a theory they came from another planet & were seeded here by aliens. There is yet another theory, and perhaps the most popular (and the one generally held by the Society of Enlightened Dragonologist that dragons have the ability to fold time & space. Therefore, they can be present in any time or place
  • Dragons cannot fly at birth, but need to be taught by their parents. Some dragons fly better than others.
  • Dragon off-spring are called Hatchlings or fledglings. They hatch from eggs. Older young, flight age, are called younglings or fledglings.
  • Dragon appetites vary. Most are carnivorous from birth. However, dragons can be influenced by their surroundings and contact with other creatures and their eating habits.
  • Fossilized dragon eggs have been found around the world. Legends of dragons abound throughout history and across nations, therefore it is thought that dragons preceded humankind as inhabitants of our world and perhaps other worlds.
  • Not all dragons spit fire, few breath fire, dragons breath air.

Green Dragon facts

Red Dragon facts

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Dragons are more than man-eating and unthinking beasts; that is not to say that they will not fight in battle for defense of family, friends and beliefs.